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2018/03 - "Dj Alex B - Love Trap EP" is released

Love Trap Baroque

2018/02 - The Album "Dj Alex B - Blueberry" is released

Blueberry Baroque

2017/12 - The Album "Dj Alex B - Pelicano" is released

Pelicano Baroque

2017/04 - "Dj Alex B - Hidden Daemons" is featured in the album "Baroque Multimedia Vol. 20"

Baroque Multimedia 20

2016/12 - "Dj Alex B - Pelicano" is released on Baroque Records


2016/03 - "Dj Alex B - ForĂȘt de Rave" is featured in the album "Baroque Multimedia Vol. 12"

Baroque Multimedia 12

2015/11 - "Dj Alex B - Submariner" is featured in the album "Baroque Multimedia Vol. 9"

Baroque Multimedia 9

2015/06 - "Dj Alex B - The Music" is released on Pacha Ibiza record label

Dj Alex B - The Music - Pacha Recordings

2015/04 - "Dj Alex B - Salamandre (Celestial Mix)" is featured in the album "Baroque Multimedia vol.4"

Baroque Multimedia vol4

2014/12 - "Dj Alex B - Salamandre" is featured in the album "Baroque Solo 34"

Baroque Solo 34

2014/07 - "Dj Alex B - The Party" is featured in the official Pacha Ibiza Insane party mixed CD compilation "Pacha Insane 2014"

The Party

2014/06 - "Dj Alex B - Under Breath" is featured in the album "Baroque Hot In Ibiza 2014"

Baroque Hot in Ibiza 2014

2014/03/20 - "Dj Alex B - The Party" is released on Pacha Ibiza record label "Pacha Recordings"

The Party

2014/01 - "Dj Alex B - Blueberry" is featured in the Baroque Records selection "Baroque Profile 2013"

Baroque Profile 2013

2013/11/18 - "Dj Alex B - Blueberry (Bee mix)" is featured in House Party Dj Collection compilation

house party

2013/10/14 - "Dj Alex B - The Owl" is areleased on Baroque Digital

Dj Alex B swoops down into Baroque, with this night time outing The Owl. The Original Mix is one dark broody beats, with throbbing bass swells, fluttering melodic hooks and deep male chants, techno percs build, and acid lines take over the later half of the track. The Unexpected Mix follows a similar deep path, but reduces the melodic input, until the hooky acid hits enter proceedings!

The owl

2013/04/01 - "Dj Alex B - Blueberry" is areleased on Baroque Thirteen Four compilation.

baroque Thirteen Four

2013/02/01 - "Dj Alex B - Blueberry" was signed on Baroque Limited Records. Original and remix will be released in February 2013.

Dj Alex B gives us fruity winter offering.. in two mixes With tribal drums leading the way and a nicely rounded bassline, this one pounds along until the deep trippy vocal enters and dirty synths lift the track again. The Bee mix works around the original adding some buzzy hooks, and a skirmish of electronic melodies.



Dj Alex B (Paris / France, Baroque Records, Pacha Recordings) comes from the south of France (near Marseille). He started playing piano when he was a child, classic and jazz, and studying music. He interested himself very soon in electronic music (1992) and began producing techno and Goa in 1994 whereas he was 14 years old.

He moved to Paris in 2000 where he discovered the "Underground" house music and decided to start "djaying". He played underground house music in well known pre-parties at "Le Mixer Bar" where he was resident dj and in underground clubs like "Les Folies Pigalle" in Paris. He started also producing House and Tech House music.

His tracks "Blueberry" and "The Owl" were signed to the famous underground British label "Baroque" in 2013. His track "The Party" was signed to the famous Pacha Ibiza Label "Pacha Recordings" in 2014.

House Music